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Challengecoins4less – The Easy Way to Design Your Custom Coins

The history of challenge coins dates back to the First World War when the life of an American pilot was saved by the coin that he carried. It was specially minted for his flight squadron and served as his identification when he lost everything, except the coin, after he was captured by the Germans. The story has inspired the military tradition of issuing challenge coins to identify members of branches of the military, each one serving as a symbol of unity and camaraderie.

History and tradition has inspired the makers of challenge coins at challengecoins4less to extend the crafting of military coins into custom coins for special occasions. Custom coins can display corporate logos, insignia, and artwork to commemorate special events. It can be used as a token of thanks to employees during annual events, or as giveaway to attendees of conventions and seminars. When used as a marketing tool, this lasting keepsake is a constant reminder of your company, your products, and the services that you offer.

In the past, the crafting of custom coins is a laborious, five-step process that starts with the creation of the design, preparation of dies and molds, stamping, plating, and filling in enamel to put colors to the coin.The old way of preparing molds using plasticine, and then the reverse mold for the die is a long process that can take up to three weeks.This has limited the production of coins to the basic circle, oval, and rectangular shapes. Digital technology has revolutionized design and production, such that coins with cutouts and with complex shapes can be produced in less time and at no extra cost. If you visit www.challengecoins4less.com,you can view the gallery of coins if you need some ideas for the shape of the coin that you need.


Custom coins are usually made from brass or zinc alloy, and then plated in gold, silver, copper, and nickel –

At www.challengecoins4less.com, customers can view how each metal plating options look, including the special effect created by duotone metal plating. Metals recommended by Challenge Coins 4 Less include antique and polished gold, antique and polished silver, antique and polished copper, black nickel, and antique and polished brass.

Custom coins are keepsakes that are meant to last. When it is given to an employee in recognition of exemplary service, it symbolizes gratitude to a valued colleague. When used as a marketing tool, it becomes a lasting reminder of the company, its products, or excellence in customer service. Custom coins are versatile company giveaway items because you can use them to communicate a special message to your customers. You can also make the coins functional in the form of a key holder or a bottle opener.

There are many options available in the design of your custom coin

Aside from the shape, metal, and diamond cutting on the edges, you can also include offset printing, engraved text, and sequential numbering. The coin finish can be in translucent enamel to create a shiny glow, or you can opt for protective epoxy coating. There are also options for packaging in case you need a special presentation for the coin. Challenge Coins 4 Less considers all possible design aspects because the company’s uppermost interest is to provide you with a flawlessly-crafted token.

Custom Coins

When you order custom coins, you do not need to provide a finished design. In fact, Challenge Coins 4 Less provides this service free to all clients, whether your order is for the minimum quantity of 50 pieces or in thousands. All you have to do is to fill up the free coin quote and design form that you can access at www.challengecoins4less.com.You can send a rough design and send it in a file together with the accomplished quote form. Your design input can be a sketch, a description of the item, scans, images, or Adobe files.

There is no need to provide a complete design because the company employs skilled graphic artists who can translate your sketches and descriptions into a digital artwork that will be sent to you for approval. Design revisions will be done until you are fully satisfied, free of charge. After you have approved the artwork, you will receive a confirmation notice that contains the details of your orders from www.challengecoins4less.com,for your final review. If everything is in order and you have no further revisions, production will commence and you can expect your custom coins to be delivered at your doorstep within 10 to 14 days.

Challenge Coins 4 Less does not copy your design or use the design developed for you to create custom coins for other clients. This preserves the unique quality of your coins. There are certainly similarities because the same options in shapes, metals, finishing, and diamond-cut edges are offered to all clients. However, all design elements such as logos, insignia, special artwork and text are your property, and you can reproduce these in your other materials.

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