How To Get Other Sites Link to You: Link Building Strategy

Link building is an important tool in online business. It is essential for online entrepreneurs to build links because it is considered a major factor on how Google and other search engines rank web pages.

If we own a website that sells sports equipment, we will be competing with people who are in the same line of business as we are. It is, therefore, necessary for these search engines to find a way of ranking our websites so it will be easier and not confusing for internet users to find what they are searching for on the internet.

One way of ranking websites is through link popularity. When more relevant links are pointing to your website, it’s likely that you are gaining their trust in your field or niche. This way you are establishing your authority and brand.

There are a number of ways to get external links from other websites. Here are a number of them.

Content Creation and Promotion

Content CreationIf you create relevant, high-quality and compelling contents, it is most likely that viewers will link to your website. Not only that, they will share, re-post, and tell others about your content, leading them to your website. Through this manner, you’re gaining more audience that will soon become your potential customers.


After creating high-quality content, in the form of blogs, press releases or sales copy, submit it to publishers site directories, bookmarking sites or search engines, etc. You can also post to various social media networks and other relevant sites.

Reviews and Mentions

Introduce your product, service, site or brand to influential bloggers. You can also mention about it in forums and community sites. You may leave links on these sites but be sure that your link is relevant to them to avoid being spammed.

Links from Friends and Partners

Encourage people you know such as contacts, clients, and customers to link to your website. There are other resources that will provide you with more extensive ways to get links, but all these leads to deterring factors.

Factors Affecting Link Building

They take a lot of time

Creating quality content and establishing links from people who may be interested take a long time to develop. It also requires certain resources such as great copywriters and long hours dedicated to promotion campaigns.

They are Dependent on External Forces

You can’t have any control on the quality of the linking pages, or what comments other will be making about your product or specific pages in your sites where they linked to.

How to Build Links for Free

Link-BuildingNow that we are aware how tedious and time-consuming it is to build links and yet, not all links are created equal. A link coming from an authoritative website like wiki-How and Forbes will create a greater impact than a link from a newly built website. This is why high-quality links are hard to raise. However, link building is important in achieving high organic search ranking and this is what we are all after.

Ways to Build Links for Free

If you’re attempting to improve your SEO ranking, there are some key factors to consider:

Anchor Text

The search engine is concerned with the actual text a linking page uses when mentioning about your content. So if your site is about sports equipment, it is best that the keyword sports equipment is used rather that talk about other things which has no relevance to the site or page.

Quality of the Linking Page

Another important factor which is vital to the page assessed for ranking is the quality of the link. High-quality links give more points to the website owner.

Page the Link is Aimed At

Most often, when people talk about your website, they often refer to your homepage which makes it difficult to generate links to your other pages.

These elements are hard to control in our attempt to make building links. However, from your content, you can be able to control these elements in linking to your own pages.

You can do these through any of these ways:

•    Know what anchor text to use.

•    Decide to what page or where you will direct that anchor text at.

Make sure that the quality of the linking page is high by creating a quality and compelling content.

If you think you need to hire an SEO expert to improve the quality of your site for better link building, Now, that you are knowledgeable on how to get others to link to your website, start developing your website for a better web page ranking!

Building your links: Benefits of link building

Link BuildingLink building is the process of getting an external page to link into a certain website. Imagine a person stretching out his hand to another, and that other person reaches out to another and so on. That’s precisely what link building is – extending out to others to widen one’s reach.

It increases the likelihood of the website to rank higher in the search engine results, thus increasing the visits to the website and eventually its popularity. It is a part of search engine optimization.

How can link building benefit you?

As aforementioned, link building helps a certain website climb the search engine ranks. But aside from that, there are other benefits of link building.

Referral Traffic

One of the many benefits of link building is sending referral traffic. If your site is featured on a highly-visited website, chances are high that your website would also get more views.

Also, if a reader is reading a material of yours and want to know more, they can follow the link back to your website.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is the overall influence of a website in the view of the search engines. When search engines determine the ranking of a page, one of the many factors it considers is the amount and kind of inbound links directed towards a certain website.

The higher the domain authority of a website; the greater chances of it ranking higher on the search engine results.

Brand Visibility

Another benefit of link building is gaining brand visibility. When you contact a publishing source for a brand feature, you are already exposing your brand to more readers. It’s a win-win situation for your brand and the publishing sources. These publishing sources would be more than delighted for new content to their website and in turn, your brand gets advertised for free.

In looking for publishing sources, note that you have to find sites that are not only popular but also relevant to your product or service. A fitness and wellness company website would most likely be linked to a gym equipment site rather than a fast food restaurant page.

Building networks

In contacting these related websites and publishing sources to link to your website, you are already building larger networks. It’s basically hitting two birds with one stone. You have your ads posted for free and you also make business partners at the same time. In building these networks, you are slowly building a foundation of trust and reliability in real life with them.

Aside from networking with those within the same industry, you will also get a chance to interact with those from other fields. Once you have established your place in the industry, your website may attract posters of other brands within and beyond your industry.

Trust and Credibility Indicators

Ranking higher in the search engine result and appearing on trusted, established sites gives your viewers an impression that your brand is credible.

It would be of great help if you post the logos of the publications that have featured your product or service on your website. This gives your readers a sense of comfort that a lot of publishing sources have recognized your brand.

Increase in sales

Lest state the obvious, more viewers would mean more money. If your site is gaining more traffic, there would be most likely more sales as well.

Lasts longer

Link building lasts longer than other strategies in online marketing. The main goal of online marketing is basically to make a certain product or service popular. This can happen through, blogs, video advertisements, the classic banner advertisements and through link building. Unlike the other strategies in online marketing, link building is permanent. Video and banner advertisements are usually only for a certain period for a specific amount. Meanwhile, links are virtually forever. The traffic sent by these links would continue as long as the link and page are active.

Link building is one of the many strategies in online marketing and Search Engine Optimization. It has the upper hand because not only does it do the job, it also lasts longer and is relatively cheaper than other strategies.

Search Engine Optimization Services – Five Qualities to Look For

There’s nothing smart about running a business without looking for search engine optimization services. Actually, it’s not enough to simply get any SEO package. If you want your company to succeed online, you’d have to look for a top-notch optimization offer. That means you’ll have to pay attention to the most important qualities of SEO services during your search. If you don’t know what those qualities are, you should definitely continue reading.

Five Essential Qualities

seoTruth be told, you should pay attention to more than a dozen different things when it comes to choosing among different optimization offers. However, since you’re a busy entrepreneur, being too meticulous would be a great waste of time. Focusing on these five qualities should be enough to keep your chances of choosing a subpar offer minimal:

• More than Just Google –

while Google is probably the most important search engine today, you shouldn’t assume that no one uses Bing and Yahoo anymore. Many of those who are just beginning to explore the online world often rely on their devices’ default search engines. As you know some phones and tablets (particularly those preloaded with Microsoft’s mobile operating system) come with Bing. It’s not that unlikely for some device manufacturers to work with Yahoo either. So, be sure to pick an SEO package that encompasses all three major search engines.

• Hassle-Free Communication –

search engine optimization services are supposed to be carried out for months and even years. That’s why you’ll be communicating with the same team of SEO specialists throughout long periods, once you’ve availed of a particular optimization package. While communication is something that’s often deemed synonymous with convenience, it pays to be sure. In other words, you’ll have to find out just how easy it is to get in touch with the firm that’s offering your preferred services. If there’s no hotline, you should start looking for another search-visibility solution.

• Think of Budget Limitations –

as everyone knows, search engine optimization services vary in price. What most people aren’t aware of is that price differences shouldn’t be compared in a straightforward way. It isn’t as simple as choosing the cheapest rates, especially since optimization deals come in different types. Some are priced per hour, while others have per-project rates. There are also services that need to be paid for on a monthly basis. With those things in mind, think about your budget and pick the offers that have the right balance of affordability and flexibility.

• Never Forget to Ask Around –

this isn’t about joining some discussion board and asking random people what kind of SEO offer suits your business. It isn’t wise to ask those you don’t know about the reliability of some companies. What you really need to do is gather insights from some of your closest friends. They’ll most likely give you information based on their own experiences. Random people on discussion boards could really be trying to help you. However, you won’t know for sure that they aren’t marketers who are merely trying to boost the sales of several SEO firms.

• Always Read the Fine Print –

even though you’re new to the world of search-engine optimization, you shouldn’t assume that everything you’ll come across is new. Much like in having any other kind of business deal, you’ll have to read the fine print before availing of a particular service. There are shady companies that try to trick the unwary by coming up with contracts with considerably long lock-in periods. Some even to convince entrepreneurs that it’s normal to pay a fine if ever there’s a need to stop getting SEO services. Credible companies never offer optimization solutions that come with such dubious policies.

Difficulty Isn’t a Concern

Simply put, distinguishing top-notch search engine optimization services from those that are rather questionable isn’t that hard, even for entrepreneurs who are still trying to learn about the many different facets of SEO.

Building A Top Blog With SEO Can Be Easy – Tips To Follow Today

seoMillions of people today want to start a blog or have an idea that others aren’t pursuing and therefore they want to strike while the idea is fresh. If you find yourself wanting to jump into this type of technological solution, you will want to understand how seo can be your number one option for getting attention. Without this, you will lose market share so fast, you may never get a chance to get the right kind of traffic to your website. It’s with that in mind that the following tips have been developed. With a little bit of a marketing push, you could find yourself gaining ground and becoming a top website amongst larger entities and more today. It all starts with an idea, and setting up your page. If you’re not sure how to do this, look online for free solutions to start. Once you have exhausted the free solutions, you can jump to a domain name of your choosing, but start with the free solutions first. You’ll be surprised at how effective this could truly become.

Work On Publishing A Lot of Posts

The first thing that you need to worry about is not seo, it’s not marketing, it’s the content. Whether you’re writing it on your own or you are going to hire a writer, do so immediately. Doing so will create market share over time. You don’t need to worry about the intricate parts of optimization at first, you simply need to build as much content as you can within the framework that you have. If you do not do this, you will be spinning your wheels and offering the end user nothing in return for their time. You absolutely have to work on this, as it becomes absolutely necessary to chase content more than anything else overall. Chase the wrong thing here and you could end up having to fight an uphill battle for traffic. It’s absolutely necessary that you work on posts. Without posts, your blog will die

Set Up Social Media Profile Engagement

On every page of your site, you should have links to social networking. Your profile should be set up and it should not be barren. Make sure that you do not let yourself slip up or cause your page to become dormant. Dormant pages abound online and they do not get traffic overall. In fact, millions of pages end up going dark because they are never updated. You want to set up social media and make sure that others see that they can share things on your site. The more you work on this, the bigger your influence will become. Setting up social media is important, but using it becomes even more crucial overall.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon (Seriously)

This is the number one issue that bloggers face today. They post a ton of content, they may even go through years of posts, and then out of the blue, they give up on the notion. They totally walk away from the solutions and end up losing market share as a result. Don’t allow yourself to give up before it’s time, because you will end up losing out in the long term. If you find that this is arduous or you’re not getting any traffic, then it’s time to look into scaling back and posting on a more limited schedule. Only you can truly decide what you want out of a blog site, so make sure that you keep that in mind as you chase the right elements overall. In some instances, you may end up having to post 100 blog posts or more before you start seeing any sort of traffic, but that’s ok, the longer you remain vigilant, the greater your reward will truly